If CBS falls in the woods…

After missing a night of apparently Huskie-loving outstanding basketball last night, I settled in to watch the two games tonight. I’ll give ya the LSU-Texas game as apparently exciting (until OT), but I was working through that one. I got to settle in a bit for UCLA-Memphis, and I wish I’d have had a colonoscopy scheduled instead.

Instead of trying to make a post out of the mess, I’ll share that I have UCLA and Villanova alive in my Final Four, and am pulling like mad for George Mason (or apparently now it’s trendy to just call them “Mason”) and LSU to win the other ones. So, in lieu of me actually having to think about that mess of basketball I just spent two hours of my life watching, I bring you live-on-tape conversation:

Me: I’ll admit, the tourney games this weekend have had some magnificent finishes, but if UCLA continues this torrid 22% FT pace, and the teams continue to combine for about 32% from the field, but it goes to OT, can they call it a “great game”? Or will they just because they’re the media and it gets them all tingly?

djl: I just mentioned aloud that it’s going to come down to whoever wants it less.


Me: Gus Johnson (or is this Ian Eagle?) annoys me.

djl: I can’t tell ’em apart.

Me: And I love how CBS is rolling credits. Eighty-eleventy billion dollars to air this, and they want to make sure to bail on this game so they can get to “How I Met Your Mother”.

djl: …Which may actually be more interesting than a game in which nobody can even make a free throw.

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  1. I love how you seem to have such a bug up your ass about “the media.” You are “the media,” jackass. You sound like one of these new pseudo-rock bands telling people to think freely while showing them how to dress and live their lives. You hypocritical ass-clown. I hope that you and all of your pop culture influencing friends are happy with the mess that you have made of the world.

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