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Tobacco Road is paved with good intentions…

…and cheap hookers.

After a rough second round, I thought a good run into the Final Four and nailing the champion would give me a shot at winning the office pool.

Ohio State…check
Florida…a cute frizzy-haired ponytail and bad teeth check

I don’t know the last time (if ever) I was in line to hit all four of the Final Four. This year, I was about 3:30 and a 9 point lead away from doing just that. And Roy Williams and his ‘Heels bent me over.

Thanks guys!

And another thing… Ay Ziggy Zoomba is ours, bitches! ;)

Rollin’ Along…

Congrats to the BG women’s hoops team, who advanced to the NCAA Sweet 16 last night! They were up 13 at the half, and though it got tight late, they never broke and held on for the win. They’re the first MAC women’s team to reach the Sweet 16, and are playing so well that the Elite 8 is definitely not out of the question.


Sign of the year

Ranking right up with the “GO FOOTBALL!” sign at the College Gameday in BG in ’03 (along with many others that have graced the Gameday set through the years), someone in the VCU section at their game against Duke right now has a sign that says “Beat The Refs!”


VCU down 4 with 7 to go… of course there’s no way Duke will be allowed to lose this one, but it’ll be interesting.

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If CBS falls in the woods…

After missing a night of apparently Huskie-loving outstanding basketball last night, I settled in to watch the two games tonight. I’ll give ya the LSU-Texas game as apparently exciting (until OT), but I was working through that one. I got to settle in a bit for UCLA-Memphis, and I wish I’d have had a colonoscopy scheduled instead.

Instead of trying to make a post out of the mess, I’ll share that I have UCLA and Villanova alive in my Final Four, and am pulling like mad for George Mason (or apparently now it’s trendy to just call them “Mason”) and LSU to win the other ones. So, in lieu of me actually having to think about that mess of basketball I just spent two hours of my life watching, I bring you live-on-tape conversation:

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Two player of the year candidates. Two losses. Two sets of waterworks.

Why did I find myself feeling almost bad for Adam Morrison when he started bawling, where just hours earlier, I sat alone on my couch taunting JJ Redick through my TV as he sniffled his way back to the bench?

Obviously, Duke’s a whore, but I haven’t been a big fan of the ‘Zags ever since they reached media darling status a few years back. Maybe it’s the way in which they lost, LSU took it to Dook and held them off in the closing minutes, whereas Morrison watched his teammates fumble and stumble their way to a loss. (Although I’m thinking an All-American knocks down the 15-footer for the five point lead late.) Either way, it’s an interesting study, I think.