100 Things

100 THINGS ABOUT ME: (Revised from “50 things about me”, but when I realized there was actually a “100 Things” website, I had to strive for perfection. Then I found out how some people “cheat” to get to 100. Maybe someday I’ll be ambitious enough to post 100 individual things, until then, you’ll have to be happy with what I come up with. So here goes:

1. I was in a Nelly video.
2. It’s at the end, for about 10 frames on the right side of the screen.
3. My favorite color is blue.
4. Although pretty much just “royal blue” or darker.
5. There are approximately 60 squirrels that live right outside my window.
6. One or all of which have proven that they can eat a slice of bread in less than 2 hours.
7. They didn’t leave any crumbs.
8. The first music I ever remember buying for myself was DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper”.
9. The first CD I owned was Jodeci “Forever My Lady”.
10. Its still a good CD, though it shows how old I am.
11. I’ve had my picture taken with the Stanley Cup.
12. It made my hands smell like silver polish for 3 days.
13. I own four Hartford Whalers hockey jerseys, two white, one green, one navy blue.
14. 14 is my favorite number.
15. I once gave a speech in college about how to save money drinking.
16. My favorite beer is Labatts Blue, though mostly I drink Bud Light.
17. I almost killed a Canadian Goose golfing once. Or at least broke its leg.
18. I eagled the hole the next time I played it.
19. I almost hit a police car golfing once. Maybe I should stop golfing.
20. I shot a 1-over 36 at Saddlebrook in Indy. That’s why I shouldn’t stop golfing.
21. I own a game-used bat from Gary Ward of the 1980-ish Toledo Mud Hens.
22. Most of the web skills I have are from using other scripts and tweaking them into my own.
23. My favorite Simpsons episode is the one with the chili cook-off.
24. I used to be really good at karaoke-ing “Bust A Move” by Young MC.
25. I’ve seen Young MC in concert, but years after he made anything.
26. He was with C&C Music Factory and Digital Underground on New Years Eve 2000.
27. Aside from C&C Music Factory making this loud sucking sound throughout their set, yes, it was as damn cool as you’d imagine.
28. And I found someone MUCH better than Kurt to kiss at midnight.
29. One of the things I hate most about the world today is people that don’t know how to use “their, they’re and there” correctly, slaughter “to, two and too” , and use enough 2’s, 4’s and U’s in normal typed conversation to overdose a rock star.
30. I’m starting to realize why people cheat to get to 100.
31. I jumped over my parents’ coffee table when Michigan won the 1989 NCAA Basketball Championship.
32. The same coffee table I leaned my elbows on in disbelieving disgust when Earnest Byner fumbled on the goal line in the AFC Championship.
33. I still get sick when I see that replayed on TV.
34. I try to turn away when I see it or “The Drive” on TV.
35. Same with Kordell Stewart’s Hail Mary to beat Michigan in 1994.
36. I can sleep easily for 13 or 14 hours at a time.
37. But I always feel like hell when I get up.
38. I have one brother.
39. He’s younger than me, but has a much cooler job.
40. He sells beer to college kids and country folk.
41. Too bad for him its Miller Lite.
42. You’d think with a job like that, he’s have more stories for his blog.
43. My Social Security number is 3…
44. …and then 8 more digits.
45. I have attended a World Series game, three PGA tournaments, an MLS All-Star game, a World Cup soccer game, and two Indianapolis 500’s.
46. The Indy 500 is something everyone should experience.
47. Then do it again as many times as possible.
48. Its a 2.5 beer walk for me from the track to about 2/3 of the way back to Speedway High School.
49. A friend and I once sent our own book of Top Ten lists to David Letterman in high school.
50. We never heard a word back from Dave, but they were damn good.
51. Even cheating, getting halfway was a pain in the ass!
52. I haven’t missed an Ohio State home football game in 4 years.
53. I can’t stand Ohio State.
54. But the food is free and the money is good.
55. I miss the dishwasher at my old apartment.
56. No matter how hard I close my eyes and think, those dishes in the sink still haven’t washed themselves.
57. I hate the movie previews they put at the start of DVDs.
58. Am I going to care in 20 years that “Mission to Mars” or “Deuce Bigalow” is coming out on DVD next April? Nope.
59. The best CD I can think of that I don’t own is “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”.
60. The best DVD I can think of that I don’t own is “Blazing Saddles”.
61. I own it on VHS, but that just isn’t the same anymore.
62. I’m a firm believer that “floss every day” means “floss every day the week before you go to the dentist”.
63. I think that explains the platinum (okay, silver) tooth.
64. Incidentally, I flossed today.
65. But I don’t go to the dentist until the end of March.

65 is good for now, right? Not quite “perfection”, but I’ve got time.

…just messing around