Two player of the year candidates. Two losses. Two sets of waterworks.

Why did I find myself feeling almost bad for Adam Morrison when he started bawling, where just hours earlier, I sat alone on my couch taunting JJ Redick through my TV as he sniffled his way back to the bench?

Obviously, Duke’s a whore, but I haven’t been a big fan of the ‘Zags ever since they reached media darling status a few years back. Maybe it’s the way in which they lost, LSU took it to Dook and held them off in the closing minutes, whereas Morrison watched his teammates fumble and stumble their way to a loss. (Although I’m thinking an All-American knocks down the 15-footer for the five point lead late.) Either way, it’s an interesting study, I think.

2 thoughts on “WAAAAAH!”

  1. Because Adam Morrison is quirky and weird and carries his team. Because JJ Redick mugs for the camera when he makes a 3 pointer. Because JJ Redick plays for Duke. Because everyone hates Duke. Because Coach K is a rat. Because at the end of the day, Morrison will be a quality pro basketball player and JJ Redick will be just another bust out of Duke.

  2. I think if Red-dick had a 70’s porn star look about him, including the cool striped tube socks, we might cut him some slack. Either way, outside of Durham, I’m pretty sure almost everyone is willing to sacrifice their brackets see Duke go down in the tourney. At least they’ll have those Chevy commercials all tourney long so they can get their Mike Krizuhkooskee fix.

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