Long story short

What a day.

To summarize, after getting home at 2:15 am, to bed around 3, back out of bed about 3:30, back to bed about 4:15, I woke up for the guys that were supposed to come at 8 to put in new flooring in our guest bedroom. They were going to be a couple hours late. Back to bed off and on until noon, still no floor guys, and now, the power is out. 20 minutes later, the power comes back on, but the DSL is out. Floor guys show up, still no DSL. An hour later, while hosing dirt off the back patio, a hose attachment breaks on the reel. An hour after that, during lunch, AT&T calls about the internet. Find out the modem is likely fried, but the equipment office isn’t picking up, so after 10 minutes on hold, I get an appointment for them to “call back Thursday around 2” – um, yeah. In the meantime, I get the direct number for the equipment office. They’ll get a phone call tomorrow. Get ready for work over the flooring crew, find $20 in a pair of pants that I accused the wife of misplacing a year ago. How the money stayed in the pants that long, why I hadn’t worn them in a year, and how they still fit, I don’t know. But things are starting to at least a shade of Milhouse, but I still have to go to work. Not an awful day, until I eff up the last video clip of the day, which wouldn’t be a big deal if I had Internet at home to fix it later. I don’t, so 2 a.m. at work it is.

But tomorrow’s Friday, I’ve got a new iPhone to connect me to the world, a new floor in a room designed for other people and I’m leaving on a jet plane Sunday. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.