The internet problem was pretty much on my end. Had I been slightly more tech-saavy on that end of things, I would have figured that out Monday afternoon. Though had I been slightly less tech-saavy, I’d have dropped $75 on a modem I didn’t need.

Still, aside from “reaching out” with an unsolicited tech support call, AT&T’s handling of the matter was lackluster at best. The original tech took my word for it that I had unplugged the modem and re-plugged it in. Had he gone through apparently basic steps (that is, to unplug ALL cables and re-plug them) to troubleshoot, I wouldn’t have had to go through any of that.

But in my book, when I called back Tuesday and got the “we’re unable to complete an order” speech twice, along with an “I can place an order, but it will be $75” and “I see you upgraded your cell phones, did you know you can put two more cell phones on that account, do you want to do that today?” from the second level support, that’s crap. She’s lucky she took this month’s internet off the bill and that I don’t feel like sitting through another phone tree and hold music to let someone know what’s up.

On the bright side, I had the new iPhone to play with, so that was good. Still looking for ideas on “must have” apps and other (positive) thoughts about the phone. Ah and if you’re a “Words” player, look me up: haveyoumettony. That much I do know. :)