Four score and seven years ago…

So three months later, here I am. It’s President’s Day, which is only really significant because it also marks the start of Birthday Week! My brother and I have birthdays three days apart, so President’s Day week was like our own private Hannukah growing up. (If only we had known about Kwanzaa, I’m sure we could have scored big in the first week of March, too.)

In honor of the holiday, not only have I not once walked out to the mailbox, only to open it up and have a “V-8” moment, but I’m also sick as hell. Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, etc… all in a tribute to William Henry Harrison. (“He died in 30 days!”)

Apparently, not only would our 9th President have turned 236 a week ago today, but he was once governor of Indiana and Wikipedia claims his campaign tactics laid the groundwork for modern political campaigning.

Thanks, jackass.

On another note, his grandson, 23rd President Benjamin Harrison used to live three blocks from where I currently work, has a pretty solid golf course at the military fort named in his honor and is damn amusing to follow on Twitter.