Our top story tonight…

After researching the U.S. Marshals web site for information for a story tonight at work, I came up on what may be the greatest nickname ever. Sadly, Mr. Waters wasn’t the fugitive I was researching, so I didn’t get to post that on the station’s site.

And believe me, I tried to find a way.

Speaking of crimes, apparently, sodomy is legal in Houston and I love it. No one deserves to be on the losing end of a “40-point lead, but we’re still gonna throw the ball” loss than Tulsa coach Todd Graham. At least he seemed somewhat gracious in his postgame comments on the loss, I guess.

Of course, karma being what she is, BG will probably face Houston somewhere down the road and a 70-30 outcome won’t be quite as comical.

Speaking of BG, hoops season is underway and while the men followed up an exciting overtime win Friday with handing Minnesota the game in the first half Saturday, they fought back pretty impressively in the second half, cutting a lead that was once 20 down to three before committing a dumb turnover and not quite getting the shots down the stretch. It’s going to be an exciting season for that squad, I can just tell.