You wanna kick my dog, too?

Minutes after coming home from watching the Browns blow a double-digit second half lead for the second game in a row (thank you very little Brandon McDonald and the rest of the Browns defense), order I find out that the Hurricanes gave up the tying goal with 2:43 left and the winner with 10.9 seconds left.

Oh, pharm and I smell like bar smoke. Damn you NFL Network. And DISH Network. And any other network that may have wronged me tonight.

5 thoughts on “You wanna kick my dog, too?”

  1. Switch to DirecTV and we’ll both get $50 off our bills… AND you’ll have the NFL Network. ;-)

    I’m really considering giving up ever watching football at any level ever again… EVER!

  2. Oh, but Indiana passed a smoking ban in bars, too. At least the ones that aren’t 21 and over only, allegedly. Nice loophole, Hoosiers.

  3. I want to murder every single last one of those motherfucking Browns. Starting with Romeo, and ending with the towel boy… after he cleans up the mess.

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