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You wanna kick my dog, too?

Minutes after coming home from watching the Browns blow a double-digit second half lead for the second game in a row (thank you very little Brandon McDonald and the rest of the Browns defense), order I find out that the Hurricanes gave up the tying goal with 2:43 left and the winner with 10.9 seconds left.

Oh, pharm and I smell like bar smoke. Damn you NFL Network. And DISH Network. And any other network that may have wronged me tonight.


Just an update 2 1/2 days in the making, ed but I learned an interesting fact Monday night. A 21-point upset win by your favorite team on Monday Night Football is still not enough to make Stuart Scott tolerable.

Oh, and that the rest of the ESPN NFL crew can bite it, too. WOOF!

I’m back.

Tomorrow is a huge day, for a few completely unrelated, yet totally related reasons. Figured it was as good a time as any to get back into the blog thing.

While I have full confidence the Browns can beat the Bengals, and do so somewhat handily, the history of that rivalry fulfills every cliche known to man. The Bengals seem like they have some of their parts back (though without Rudi Johnson), and have come around to show the offense they’re capable of, yet still lost to San Francisco. This one is on their home turf, with nothing to lose, and (potentially) spoiling Cleveland’s season to gain. Much like the 2003 meeting in Cincinnati in reverse. (Though I don’t remember what Cincy might have had to gain, I just remember the Browns were pretty bad and Lee Suggs went nuts.)

In the paraphrased words of legendary BGSU coach Doyt Perry, “we’re going to win by a lot, they’re going to win by a lot, or it’s going to be a great game”. Fortunately for the Browns, they hopefully have a little help from above tomorrow.

Win or lose (dear God, let it be “win”), the Browns playing a meaningful game on Christmas weekend is something I hope I can get used to again.

As for the absence, I finally realize what all the computer-types I know mean when they say “when I get home, the last thing I want to do is look at a computer”. Whew! But I promise to be better.


Notes from a slacker

Boy have I been neglectful here… I have to figure out a way to change the date on the top of the last post so it doesn’t constantly mock me. Then again, it helps me remember what day it is, since that’s been a rarity the past few weeks.

Anyway, a few things from a Sunday…

I still wish that if the Browns were going to suck, they’d just come out and suck for 60 minutes. None of this sucking, then showing life, then sucking, then looking like they might win something, then sucking for awhile. As impressed as I was with their comeback effort in a game they could have easily lost 51-3, it pissed me off to see them go into the tank after giving up the long TD to break a 17-17 tie.

Moving on… since my last post I’ve had this burning feeling in my brain to write a post about how much sports pisses me off anymore. And it still does to an extent, but I’m not sure how to put it into words without sounding like a buffoon. Or at least 50% buffoon-free.

Finally, I think tonight’s “Family Guy” episode may have easily been the best effort since the return to FOX. They have been relying heavily on repeated themes/characters of late, and it kind of gets stale. Tonight, that was kept to a minimum (a very well-timed minimum, too!) and I don’t think I stopped laughing (and hard!) for the entire 30 minutes. So wrong, and so damn funny… it’s what made the show great the first time around and it was awesome to see them get back to it for a full episode. I’ve already watched it twice, and I’ll probably get through it a couple more times tomorrow.

In the meantime, back to the projects… I’m apparently the go-to guy for websites about college basketball conferences, and it’s pretty cool. (MAC hoops play is about to tip-off, grab “1 Chance 2 Dance” if you haven’t already!)

Rounding third…

Former Browns sideline reporter Casey Coleman died today. Sad news, discount though his battle with pancreatic cancer was long and more than valiant. I originally had him on my Dead Pool roster, but between not finding a birthdate and hating to put people I like on the roster (see: “Schembechler, Bo”), he stayed off.

The only question now is that with the timing of his death, can Charlie Frye be charged with murder?