In true playoff fashion, I was debating the starting of a “playoff beard” (having just shaved one clean) for the Hurricanes run to the Cup. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop running it down their leg, so in even more true Hurricanes playoff fashion, I played golf yesterday, the day after they were knocked out of the top spot in the Southeast and thus out of the playoffs.

Shot a 98. Not horrible, not entirely pretty, but for the first time out, it was a good day.

For the record, that makes two records of futility for “my teams” this year. BGSU suffered the worst bowl defeat in college football history and now Carolina is the first team ever to miss the playoffs in consecutive years after winning the Stanley Cup. (Though I don’t remember Tampa Bay making the playoffs the year after the lockout… Hmmm.) Anyway, this means the Rangers have about 28 games left to win before October to avoid a similar fate.