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Shhhhh! I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Contrary to what ESPN and Jim Nantz may have led you to believe, Tiger Woods wasn’t actually leading The Masters. As he continues to par his way to something other than what he needed to do (read: shoot 65 and hope no one else in front of him broke par), it’s going to be enjoyable to watch a handful of guys out there with no major (or Major) wins to their credit trying to bring it home. Kind of like in 2004 when Els and Mickleson traded blows down the back nine. As much as I’m not a fan of Tiger Woods, I’m a huge fan of seeing some unheralded players battle for an ugly coat.

That said, I likely just jinxed the field and Woods will be taking another green jacket to the dry cleaners.

Congrats to Jerry York, who coached his third team to the NCAA hockey title. While I’m not a huge fan of anything Boston College, it was good to see Notre Dame lose, and even better to see Coach York get the win. He fought back from cancer in recent years, and will forever be remembered to me as the coach at BG during my college years, and also the architect of the 1984 National Championship team.


In true playoff fashion, I was debating the starting of a “playoff beard” (having just shaved one clean) for the Hurricanes run to the Cup. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop running it down their leg, so in even more true Hurricanes playoff fashion, I played golf yesterday, the day after they were knocked out of the top spot in the Southeast and thus out of the playoffs.

Shot a 98. Not horrible, not entirely pretty, but for the first time out, it was a good day.

For the record, that makes two records of futility for “my teams” this year. BGSU suffered the worst bowl defeat in college football history and now Carolina is the first team ever to miss the playoffs in consecutive years after winning the Stanley Cup. (Though I don’t remember Tampa Bay making the playoffs the year after the lockout… Hmmm.) Anyway, this means the Rangers have about 28 games left to win before October to avoid a similar fate.