Sign of the year

Ranking right up with the “GO FOOTBALL!” sign at the College Gameday in BG in ’03 (along with many others that have graced the Gameday set through the years), someone in the VCU section at their game against Duke right now has a sign that says “Beat The Refs!”


VCU down 4 with 7 to go… of course there’s no way Duke will be allowed to lose this one, but it’ll be interesting.

UPDATE: I was wrong.

Poor Joshy

2 thoughts on “Sign of the year”

  1. Well, looks like VCU beat the refs after all. Between Duke getting ticky-tack calls in their favor and the CBS announcing crew slurping rat jizz for most of the game, you’d have thought Duke blew them out of the water. Fortunately for most college basketball fans, that wasn’t the case.

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