life of a jigsaw…

I think I finally found something a blog could be useful for…. tracking my progress on what proves to be a damn hard jigsaw puzzle… pictures to follow, once I have the time and effort to put them up, but this project was started today (8.18.03) around 12:15pm EDT, and who knows how long it will take to finish!

The link to the type of puzzle is here, but the version I have isn’t on the website. Could I possibly be the first ever to finish? Or definitely the first to have it chronicled in a blog? Hell if I know, but it will give me something to do that doesn’t involve unpacking boxes and finding places to put all the junk I’ve accumulated. (By the way, the new apartment is great, just going to take some finishing touches and a little getting used to.)

Right now, I’ve got the bottom edge completely finished, and I *think* I have all the edge pieces sorted out. Only time will tell (and my pictures, but its bedtime now.)

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