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bring out your dead!

Okay, so I stole the headline, but as mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’ve found a “death pool” to get in on, and I’m starting to realize that picking people to die in the next year is hard work! I need fifteen names, and I’ve struggled to get to eight. Maybe I’m just overthinking it, trying to get the “right” people to die, but its tough. Updates later when I finalize the list, but suggestions are MORE than welcome.

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BROWNS WIN!!!! (or not)

I promised myself I would make this week’s NFL picks interesting again…

I lied.

Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo (even though Cleveland WILL win 3 of their last 4 to really mess up their draft pick), Dallas, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minnesota, New England, Denver, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Arizona, Carolina, San Diego, Philadelphia, Kansas City.

Thank you, good night. WordPress is closer than I thought, I think, and I just added a new pint glass to my collection, maybe I’ll share later. Not as nice as some I’ve “gathered”, but pretty cool in the novelty rankings.

and the winner is…

Actually, there are no winners here. Credit (or rather, full and total, complete and utter, absolute blame) goes to James for this one. He pointed out in a post today that “In Da Club” won the Billboard Music Award for “Best Ringtone”.

Best Ringtone.

Are you serious? And if you are, will Alexander Graham Bell be getting all the awards he missed out on for the last 120 years or so? Who decides that crap?

And it gets better. Here’s the list of winners.

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Blogger’s last words?

I might be taking my first baby steps away from the oh-so-easy-yet-oh-so-vanilla Blogger as my main blogging tool. In the monthly email from DreamHost, they noted that they’ve made WordPress readily available and easy to install. And they were right! To some of you, this means nothing. To those of you that understand… HELP!!!

I haven’t quite gotten to the help manuals, but this is a bit different than anything I’ve messed with before. I think it will be cool in the long run, since it does alot of stuff for me that I had to piece together, “outsource”, or just deal with (comments, archiving and post categories come to mind), but getting all my Blogger stuff into the WordPress archiving system might be tricky. It seems like it does it for ya with a few clicks, but I’ve been too damn funny the past year and change to watch it all go up in smoke.

The only other thing that might be tricky is the template, but I can work with that eventually. Like I said, I have some reading to do, but any help is appreciated.

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and I’M the one going to hell!?!?!?

There is SO much that could be said about the innocent night out with coworkers I just had, but let me put it like this:

If someone yells the line, “Jesus hasn’t been here yet, motherf@%$er!!!” at you in a crowded bar, does the night automatically become a success?

I thought so.

It was a good night, though. I’ve found that bars in downtown Indy can be a bit pricey, but I guess bars in any downtown district are about the same. It makes beers a little closer to home that much more attractive. But the time downtown was good, and I met a few more co-workers who I really never thought I could hang with, but are actually all right, which is cool. Very similar (sick, demented, twisted, wrong, etc.) sense of humor, and an enjoyment of drinking until they turn the lights on. This is good.

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