best beatdown ever

so i got to thinking while watching High Fidelity on Comedy Central last night… which is the better (if not the best ever) beatdown scene in a movie. There’s something about the heel-stomping, bat-swinging, raw-white-collar raging destruction of a printer in Office Space, and then there’s the classic one-two old school telephone/window air conditioner thrashing laid down on Tim Robbins in High Fidelity. both have their bonus points, the latter for the ingenious use of random appliances to beat a pinko commie freak to a pulp. (And I bet Robbins hasn’t been that sore since the last time Susan Sarandon broke out the strap-on). On the other hand, who among us hasn’t dreamed of/attempted/carried out the type of unabashed peripheral abuse in Office Space? tough call, but I think I’m going to have to lean toward High Fidelity in this one.

though give me pre-mom Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Aniston and a pool of Cool Whip, and I’ll be a happy man regardless.