You wanna kick my dog, too?

Minutes after coming home from watching the Browns blow a double-digit second half lead for the second game in a row (thank you very little Brandon McDonald and the rest of the Browns defense), order I find out that the Hurricanes gave up the tying goal with 2:43 left and the winner with 10.9 seconds left.

Oh, pharm and I smell like bar smoke. Damn you NFL Network. And DISH Network. And any other network that may have wronged me tonight.

12 thoughts on “You wanna kick my dog, too?”

  1. Switch to DirecTV and we’ll both get $50 off our bills… AND you’ll have the NFL Network. ;-)

    I’m really considering giving up ever watching football at any level ever again… EVER!

  2. Oh, but Indiana passed a smoking ban in bars, too. At least the ones that aren’t 21 and over only, allegedly. Nice loophole, Hoosiers.

  3. I want to murder every single last one of those motherfucking Browns. Starting with Romeo, and ending with the towel boy… after he cleans up the mess.

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