The ball keeps bouncing…

According to Maureen Fulton at The Blade, Dan Dakich has decided not to discuss an extension to his contract as men’s basketball coach at BGSU. Seeing someone that’s coached for a decade go (and especially like this) is a sad time, but the excitement of a new coach and the prospects he may bring to the upcoming season is a pretty good thing. Not that my thoughts mean anything, but I wish Coach Dakich the best in whatever comes up next.

UPDATE: Maureen has posted the text of Dakich’s resignation letter to the Athletic Director. Even considering how carefully worded such efforts normally are, I think it still says a lot about Dakich and how he really could have been a long-term coach in a “stepping stone league” had he just rediscovered the whole winning thing. Few people realize or remember until it’s mentioned that his father, Tom, played at BG under legendary coach Harold Anderson. He has ties, he had success, but just couldn’t sustain it.

An interesting semi-related basketball note, the BG Alumni Association in Indy is planning a night out with the Pacers. This is from the e-mail memo they’ve been sending out:

As Bowling Green State University alumni; you, along with your family and friends are invited to join us for an evening of basketball and Falcon FUN! First, join us for a Meet & Greet Reception with BGSU’s own Keith McLeod followed by an intense battle between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat.

“An intense battle”? Has anyone been watching the Pacers play for the last three weeks? As excited as I am for Keith McLeod to get a shot in the NBA and especially in Indy, I don’t think I need to drop $45 to shake his hand and watch bad basketball from the rafters.

Though the stretch run could be key for him. He’s listed as the 3rd PG behind Darrell Armstrong and Jamaal Tinsley. Armstrong will turn 180 this year, and Tinsley is not exactly behaving himself. Good luck to Keith as the season winds down!

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  1. This seems to be a good time to let you know that the misses was VERY interested in making sure you were aware of the results of the three matchups between your schools this year. Adding in my alma mater’s results against your other favorite program, it’s 6-0 for basketball and 7-1 for basketball plus football.

    Just in case you’re keeping track of such matters.

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