Dave’s a killer!

A nice weekend for hockey, as the Hurricanes swept the Islanders, holding onto their commanding lead in the Southeast Division (and only a win or so out of having the best record in hockey!), but more importantly, Bowling Green swept Ohio State with a 2-0 shutout tonight. That team seems to be turning things around a bit, which is a great thing to see, since the history of BG hockey is so much better than the last 8 or 9 years reflect.

I listened to the very end on the OSU radio affiliate online, and what’s this disgusting trend I keep hearing of play by play guys insisting on referring to any period of time from one minute to two minutes in seconds? There’s no longer “a minute-21” or “one-21” left. It’s more often becoming “81 seconds left”, and for some reason, that really, really bugs me.

2 thoughts on “Dave’s a killer!”

  1. The BG-OSU game was on TV here last night. I missed it, though. When you can get a babysitter, you take advantage.
    By the way, “Grandma’s Boy,” phenomenal.

  2. Spectacular. Speck-effing-tackular.

    There is nothing better than sweeping tOSU. I’d almost be okay with losing every other game they play, as long as they sweep the season series against those ass-clowns.

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