the helmet is for safety!

Okay, first, I think I should start this off with a disclaimer. “Pete” and “Angry Pete” are two different people. Though the name “Pete” may be thrown around all random and crazylike, both have a screw or six loose, and hail from the same part of the country, they are different people. This Pete is one of my best friends in Columbus (hell, probably anywhere, now that I think of it), and I have shared many drunken evenings with, as well as various other entertaining (and not always non-felonious) activities with. And to avoid any confusion, his fiancee never volunteered her rack for the world tour. Then again, not many of you did. Any-hoo, THIS Pete is a social deviant that I have never met, but he does some damn fine template design and is really damn funny with a majority of his postings. And his aunt has fake boobies. So there you have it, I promise to keep these two straight from here on out. And if not “straight”, at least separate from each other. Of course, if non-angry Pete would just start posting on his page on this site, you could all tell the difference.

Okay, now onto the day’s news. With the melodious tones of Pete’s Outkast remix in my head (the lyrics to which are postable, but for once, good taste prevents me from posting them…yet), I’m watching Law and Order today, and they have a line up of mentally challenged kids (from here on referred to as SPED’s), walking into a school. One of them had a hockey helmet on. I know this really happens in life, and I’ve witnessed it in the grocery store, but in my sick little world, I’d like to think that everytime the writer or technical director in charge of that scene pees himself with laughter everytime he sees that scene. God that was good.

Now onto the “Law and Order” issues I’ve been having. I think its great that I’ve never really watched it before, and now that TNT/USA have it on in syndication like 25 times a day, I can watch without the worry of repeats. But for one, when are they going to have someone smack Angie Harmon in the back with a 2 x 4 and knock whatever that is in her throat out so she sounds normal? No one that hot should sound like a dude. Ever. Almost makes me wonder what kind of sick fantasy Jason Sehorn has going on between the sheets. Secondly, I don’t think I’ve quite come to appreciate the endings yet. I’m used to the “hey, we solved the crime the bad guy/girl is/isn’t behind bars, lets shake hands and share a joke over a cup of coffee in the office” endings from most cop dramas, but they never seem to end like that. Hell, half the time, it seems like I’m left wondering what happened. Its almost like they wrote an hour worth of material, and forgot that they take time out for commercials. Oh well, its good stuff AND it revives the bad ass career of Ice-T in ways we haven’t seen since New Jack City.

Laundry calls. Screw Flanders.

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