Urban Liar

Earlier today over at the new-fangled Every Day Should Be Saturday, they posted a link to a list of their New Bawl Coach’s rather impressive achievements. While some of the accomplishments are nothing short of amazing, they left out a few equally stunning things about Mrs. Meyer’s husband:

-He came up with the idea for “Caddyshack 2”.
-Every time one of his teams gives up a score, he buys a puppy. Then he takes the puppy home and beats it.
-He likes to send his friends e-mails reminding them how much they mean to him, and suggest that they send the e-mail on to 20 other people within 24 hours. (What a thoughtful guy!)
-He helps the local police department test polygraph machines simply by opening his mouth.
-His testicles are so valuable, he keeps them in his wife’s purse.
-He has “Ellen: The Complete First Season” DVD set preordered at Amazon.com.
-He helps little old women across the street, but only half way.
-He once slipped a hair in Anita Hill’s Coke and blamed it on Clarence Thomas.
-He laughs at “Dilbert” comics.
-He has never played in a band, but has mastered the “rusty trombone”
-He stole the pudding from my lunch today before I could even get it into work. Bastard!

3 thoughts on “Urban Liar”

  1. Dang. I had heard about this list while reading a Gator blog. As an FSU fan, I thought it should be good material for future use.

    Boy was I wrong. Not even a funny line in the bunch. This what passes for humor up in Bowling Green, Ohio? Or is it Bowling Green, Kentucky… can never remember which is what.

    Keep trying, I’m on your side.

  2. We found them hilarious, Tony. You see that our rivals lack the bone-dry wit of those of us beknighted with the touch of nobility.

    In addition to that, he started a comment with “Dang.” How Joe Dirt of him.

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