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New look, for now

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m hardly a very sentimental type. However, with all the effort I’ve put into, my alma mater has gotten closer to me than I ever really thought about before. So, when that crap went down Monday morning at Virginia Tech, I thought about BG, and what it would be like if *my* school was the subject of all this madness and sorrow.

So, with Friday being the official “maroon and orange day” (I forget what the original “release” said that’s been passed around the Virginia Tech family), I thought it would take no effort to change the template here to Va Tech colors. I actually kind of like it. Anyway, I passed this around to the various BlogPollers, too, and am curious to see the results.

I think the plan is to leave this up until Monday, one week from the shootings.

I may not think twice about Virginia Tech in my daily life, in the past, or in the future, but I think everyone who has ever loved their alma mater sends their best to Blacksburg this week.

Need a ride?

It’s no secret that for the past few years, as a BG fan, Toledo has had our number.

Apparently, that number has been set by an Iraqi phone dealer named “Gary”.

Fortunately for the UT student population, the over/under on “number of coeds maimed by goalposts” after the 2003 Pittsburgh game was “2”, and “Gary” bet heavily on the under.

It’s gonna be REALLY interesting to see how all this plays out. A lot of it seems pretty serious, but some of it also may be in the “allegation” stage. Of course, Scooter McDougle admitting to taking “a car, telephone, and other things of value” isn’t exactly what I’d call getting off on the right foot. That it extends to at least the football and basketball team probably isn’t a bright spot, either.

Something stinks in the UT athletic program, and this time it isn’t Tom Amstutz’s fridge.

Uh, yeah…about that….

So it’s official. The BlogPoll is my Journalism 110 class reincarnated. Now, while I don’t expect Brian to be quite as lenient as that professor was at letting me retake quizzes later in the afternoon, I’d feel like a real ass if I didn’t at least contribute my thoughts on the final poll.

As stated earlier, Florida’s outright ripping of Ohio State in the Tostitos Non-Fiesta Bowl earns them #1. It probably would have anyway, but I do think Boise State is more deserving that some are giving them credit for. Not easy to rank them, really, but they deserve more. And I think they’d be getting more love if they didn’t fall victim to the “Hey! We’re up 18 in the third quarter! Let’s cruise home!” mode (also known as “Michigan circa 2005 mode” they went in after returning that INT for six. They’ve since been accused for having to pull out trickery to get the win (at least they continued to up the degree of difficulty there…if the Statue of Liberty play would have only tied the game, I’d fear for the planet’s sanity at what they’d have pulled out next, but I’m guessing it would have involved a mule and quite possibly Tony Danza).
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