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So even thought I’ve been blogging about as often as I shower, I figured I should probably upgrade to WordPress 2.6, since I was way in the dark ages with the version I was on, and besides, there are some fun toys to work with in this version. Also, if I want to get back into blogging (which I do, both here and on the company site – which could benefit from some WP 2.6 itself), I should probably play with the newest version running.

Unfortunately (and the reason behind being so far behind in the first place), my old theme wasn’t all that compatible with the new version, so instead of messing around to fix it, I’ve gone all new. Not thrilled about it, as it doesn’t even show the site name and the navigation box that drops down from the top is full of teensy-weensy little print, but it’ll do for now. Some day I’ll tinker more and come up with something new, hopefully sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, the excitement of this weekend’s trip to Pittsburgh has been tempered a little bit by some idiotic college athletes. Seriously, how dumb can you be?

It’ll still be good to get out and see a football game (followed by the Pirates-Brewers at PNC Park that night), but some of the excitement is gone. We’ll see how it plays out.