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WHAM with the right hand!

I’m still going a little back and forth on how this sits with me and the overall effort out of Carolina last night sickened me, but I think for the rest of the playoffs, I’ll call Scott Walker “The Waco Kid” for this effort:

I can see where some fans are calling this a sucker punch, since Ward wasn’t initially tied up with Walker, but he gave Walker a couple shoves and squared up to him, so he knew he was there. Not to mention to stand there and stare as a guy throws his gloves down and winds up? I don’t think it was a necessarily classy move by Walker, but I don’t think it’s a cheap shot.

It reminds me of the announcer on EA Sports’ NHL franchise:

“He should get two for receiving.”

(Incidentally, Sidney Crosby receives two every night, but that’s neither here nor there…)

I liked Ward when he played for Carolina, he was tough as hell in the Stanley Cup Final against Edmonton in 2006. I can’t imagine the pain of a “possible fractured orbital bone”, which Boston coach Claude Julien (what a cute name!) is claiming, but I’d bet dollars to donuts if Walker is suspended for Game 6, Ward will be out on the ice. And don’t get me started on Zdeno Chara the 6’9″ fish.

I’ve always said Game 5’s when up 3-1 scare me. Last night is why. Tuesday is a must-must-must win for Carolina, I don’t want to think about heading back into Boston to decide it. (Though I believe I thought that once about New Jersey….)

Oh, and because I can: