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closer every day

okay, so a little tweaking and this thing is starting to look like i know what i’m doing. that said, i really don’t like the ‘edge to edge look’. but i’m too tired to go on, we’ll continue this tomorrow.

though i realized today by looking through different blogs on here, scanning for ideas/styles/techniques/places to ‘borrow’ code from/etc… that these things are incredibly self-serving and I really don’t care about anybody but myself. well, i shouldn’t say that, but most of the blogs i’ve come across are pretty out there. oh well, to each their own, i’m sure each and every blog makes someone happy.

more to blog

see if i can get a big paragraph out of this to see what kind of formatting I can come up with. hell, i’ll just type whats at the right. this is the main blogger editing screen. from here, you can create new posts, find and edit old posts, and publish your blog.

to begin, just click and start typing in the big white box in the top of the page. when you’re done with your post (or just want to save what you have so far), hit the post button in the upper right, beneath the tabs.