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moving sucks

once again, it sucks. not so much the idea of getting a new place, because that fresh start is kinda cool. but the cleaning, packing, carrying, rearranging, disassembling, reassembling, cancelling utilities, ordering utilities, waiting for utilities to be installed business is just a plain pain in the ass. i’ll be glad when its done.

on the other hand, its given me a chance to stay inside on a perfectly beautiful saturday and learn how texas hold ’em works and is played by foreigners with bad jewelry and even worse sunglasses, thanks to ESPN’s constant re-airing of the World Series of Poker, and also how bass fishing tournaments work, also thanks to ESPN. fascinating stuff. at least the Rangers have bent the Indians over the dresser the past two nights. goin’ for the sweep tomorrow!

so i’m in Kroger today, and on the “for sale” board by the door, someone was selling a “bedside commode”. AND IT WAS ONLY 35 BUCKS!!! $35 for instant access to the crapper! what a deal! by the time I realized what an awesome find that was, I was in my car and leaving. damn. I can only imagine a bedside commode at that price is going to be gone in a flash. maybe I’ll get lucky next time.