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Was that a human Lite-Brite I saw?

I liveblogged the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics for work tonight. I really need to stop doing that. It’s all good and well-intentioned, but in the end, I end up kicking myself for not being able to really let fly with what I’m thinking, which is really what is all about.

So here’s what we’ll do. After the jump is the liveblog (copyrights be damned, we’ll call it “simulcasting”), but first some of the commentary that got left out of the corporate site:

-“The worst part about the Chinese theme for the Opening Ceremonies, I’m just going to want more in an hour.”
-(about the earthquake-surviving kid with Yao Ming, who had his flag upside-down somehow) “Cute kid. He’ll be shot before sunrise.”
-The organizing committee went to great lengths to make sure no one knew the plans for the ceremony. Ancient Chinese secret, huh?

…and so on, including the Polish woman who seriously must go about 6-6, 280. Or whatever that is in Euros.

Now, off to the liveblog!
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I (blank) NY

The up-again-down-again world of the Texas Rangers was WAYYY up last night, with Marlon Byrd beating the Yankees with a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth (with two outs, no less).

Of course, if you were to walk out of a coma and check out for the story, you better not miss the second paragraph of the AP recap, or else you have a LOOOOONG way to read (10 paragraphs, to be exact) before you find out anything about how the winning team actually did in the game.

SportsCenter/Baseball Tonight were no better, with more video of Jason Giambi’s mustache (and needle tracks) than the game-winning granny.

Of all the things I don’t care about…

…I care about overtime playoff hockey between Detroit and Pittsburgh the most.

Six minutes into the third overtime and I’ve seen a great game. By all accounts, I missed a great game, too. I didn’t even turn this one on until I saw it was headed to OT. Because as awesome as watching teams claim the Stanley Cup is, I just can’t get up for it when it could be the Red Wings (or, in fairness this year, the Penguins).

But alas, here I am. I’ve already got one blog post in the books, but that was an official, perfectish grammar, the boss is watching post. Since they’re still going to play, I figured I have no choice but to write a rambling, …-filled, sometimes foul-mouthed, “hey, I just got another beer” type post. So…
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Part of the reason I think I’m not as big a baseball fan as I once was is all the numbers folks have created to try to explain how good/bad a player was/is. Not saying they may not be valid, but the days of watching a game and thinking “Okay, our clean-up hitter is coming to bat with two outs and the bases loaded in the ninth” have been replaced by “But the clean-up hitter is only batting .215 at night against Asian lefties when the barometric pressure is falling”. And that ruins it a bit for me. Kind of like basketball point guards now being called “ones”. It annoys me to no end.

So, when I come across a discussion about who should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame and numbers that would make my 7th grade math teacher dizzy are thrown on the table, I tend to shy away. Just such a discussion popped up yesterday at ALOTT5MA, with the announced retirement of Mike Piazza. The claim is that with his retirement, the 2013 (or is it 14?) HOF class could include Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Craig Biggio and Piazza.

Now, I don’t know if they’re all qualified or if the numbers agree one way or the other, but what I do know is if that happens, Biggio would be the only inductee that year that never had another man stick something in his ass.