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Damn, I’m a good blogger.

Why haven’t I written anything in nearly a year?

A spam comment led me to read a post from the fall of 2006, which I enjoyed so much, I clicked around my own site and read some more. I’m one funny dude. Just ask me, I’ll tell ya.

I think the job and life in general led to not writing much… I do so much online for work, I don’t think to write for myself. Nor do I usually have the desire to. But, in light of Grant restructuring his site, but with a purpose, I figured it was time to do something here. Since I don’t grow insanely hot peppers from scratch, I guess I’m stuck trying to write some more.

I blame Facebook and Twitter for the absence. If I can tell you about my day, my dog’s day and ignore a billion posts about mafias and toddlers on Facebook, I can do it here, right? I mean, I’m paying for this privilege, after all. I promise to do better, if anyone’s even still paying attention.

Thought for today? I wish Mitch Hedberg was still alive so he could be on Twitter.

Four score and seven years ago…

So three months later, here I am. It’s President’s Day, which is only really significant because it also marks the start of Birthday Week! My brother and I have birthdays three days apart, so President’s Day week was like our own private Hannukah growing up. (If only we had known about Kwanzaa, I’m sure we could have scored big in the first week of March, too.)

In honor of the holiday, not only have I not once walked out to the mailbox, only to open it up and have a “V-8” moment, but I’m also sick as hell. Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, etc… all in a tribute to William Henry Harrison. (“He died in 30 days!”)

Apparently, not only would our 9th President have turned 236 a week ago today, but he was once governor of Indiana and Wikipedia claims his campaign tactics laid the groundwork for modern political campaigning.

Thanks, jackass.

On another note, his grandson, 23rd President Benjamin Harrison used to live three blocks from where I currently work, has a pretty solid golf course at the military fort named in his honor and is damn amusing to follow on Twitter.

Our top story tonight…

After researching the U.S. Marshals web site for information for a story tonight at work, I came up on what may be the greatest nickname ever. Sadly, Mr. Waters wasn’t the fugitive I was researching, so I didn’t get to post that on the station’s site.

And believe me, I tried to find a way.

Speaking of crimes, apparently, sodomy is legal in Houston and I love it. No one deserves to be on the losing end of a “40-point lead, but we’re still gonna throw the ball” loss than Tulsa coach Todd Graham. At least he seemed somewhat gracious in his postgame comments on the loss, I guess.

Of course, karma being what she is, BG will probably face Houston somewhere down the road and a 70-30 outcome won’t be quite as comical.

Speaking of BG, hoops season is underway and while the men followed up an exciting overtime win Friday with handing Minnesota the game in the first half Saturday, they fought back pretty impressively in the second half, cutting a lead that was once 20 down to three before committing a dumb turnover and not quite getting the shots down the stretch. It’s going to be an exciting season for that squad, I can just tell.


Without getting too sappy and emotional, today was a tough day. Things were going along fine, I was my usual step behind in getting ready for work, because there’s always one more e-mail to check, one more blog to read, one more Facebook update to check on.

And that’s when I found out.

Through a series of Facebook entries, then visiting the website for my old station, I found out that a former co-worker and friend had passed away.
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