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Long story short

What a day.

To summarize, after getting home at 2:15 am, to bed around 3, back out of bed about 3:30, back to bed about 4:15, I woke up for the guys that were supposed to come at 8 to put in new flooring in our guest bedroom. They were going to be a couple hours late. Back to bed off and on until noon, still no floor guys, and now, the power is out. 20 minutes later, the power comes back on, but the DSL is out. Floor guys show up, still no DSL. An hour later, while hosing dirt off the back patio, a hose attachment breaks on the reel. An hour after that, during lunch, AT&T calls about the internet. Find out the modem is likely fried, but the equipment office isn’t picking up, so after 10 minutes on hold, I get an appointment for them to “call back Thursday around 2” – um, yeah. In the meantime, I get the direct number for the equipment office. They’ll get a phone call tomorrow. Get ready for work over the flooring crew, find $20 in a pair of pants that I accused the wife of misplacing a year ago. How the money stayed in the pants that long, why I hadn’t worn them in a year, and how they still fit, I don’t know. But things are starting to at least a shade of Milhouse, but I still have to go to work. Not an awful day, until I eff up the last video clip of the day, which wouldn’t be a big deal if I had Internet at home to fix it later. I don’t, so 2 a.m. at work it is.

But tomorrow’s Friday, I’ve got a new iPhone to connect me to the world, a new floor in a room designed for other people and I’m leaving on a jet plane Sunday. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Damn, I’m a good blogger.

Why haven’t I written anything in nearly a year?

A spam comment led me to read a post from the fall of 2006, which I enjoyed so much, I clicked around my own site and read some more. I’m one funny dude. Just ask me, I’ll tell ya.

I think the job and life in general led to not writing much… I do so much online for work, I don’t think to write for myself. Nor do I usually have the desire to. But, in light of Grant restructuring his site, but with a purpose, I figured it was time to do something here. Since I don’t grow insanely hot peppers from scratch, I guess I’m stuck trying to write some more.

I blame Facebook and Twitter for the absence. If I can tell you about my day, my dog’s day and ignore a billion posts about mafias and toddlers on Facebook, I can do it here, right? I mean, I’m paying for this privilege, after all. I promise to do better, if anyone’s even still paying attention.

Thought for today? I wish Mitch Hedberg was still alive so he could be on Twitter.

WHAM with the right hand!

I’m still going a little back and forth on how this sits with me and the overall effort out of Carolina last night sickened me, but I think for the rest of the playoffs, I’ll call Scott Walker “The Waco Kid” for this effort:

I can see where some fans are calling this a sucker punch, since Ward wasn’t initially tied up with Walker, but he gave Walker a couple shoves and squared up to him, so he knew he was there. Not to mention to stand there and stare as a guy throws his gloves down and winds up? I don’t think it was a necessarily classy move by Walker, but I don’t think it’s a cheap shot.

It reminds me of the announcer on EA Sports’ NHL franchise:

“He should get two for receiving.”

(Incidentally, Sidney Crosby receives two every night, but that’s neither here nor there…)

I liked Ward when he played for Carolina, he was tough as hell in the Stanley Cup Final against Edmonton in 2006. I can’t imagine the pain of a “possible fractured orbital bone”, which Boston coach Claude Julien (what a cute name!) is claiming, but I’d bet dollars to donuts if Walker is suspended for Game 6, Ward will be out on the ice. And don’t get me started on Zdeno Chara the 6’9″ fish.

I’ve always said Game 5’s when up 3-1 scare me. Last night is why. Tuesday is a must-must-must win for Carolina, I don’t want to think about heading back into Boston to decide it. (Though I believe I thought that once about New Jersey….)

Oh, and because I can:

The good ol’ hockey game

So it’s going to take a rant to get me to post again. But it’s really been awhile since I’ve actually (and somewhat surprisingly) been this fuming about something.

Why is it that I have to CONTINUALLY try to convince people that hockey is, at the very least even, a tolerable sport, much less a great one??

The arguments are all the same and even the ones that make sense don’t make much sense. “I can’t follow the puck”, “It moves too fast”, “It’s boring”.



This from a town who embraces it’s pathetic excuse for an NBA team. I believe I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I like the Cleveland Cavaliers. I hope they do well and I’ll watch bits of their playoff games if they’re on. But I’d also rather watch Anaheim vs. San Jose in the Stanley Cup playoffs, with no rooting interest whatsoever.


Because it doesn’t put me to sleep!!! The NBA is awful in that regard. Beyond awful. Every now and again, someone will put up a memorable night in a blowout game. Or maybe you get some overtime games in the playoffs and there’s excitement there. But it’s still such a slow, painful process. Even in the overtime period, teams exchange a few shots, one team makes more than the other, there are a few fouls, the game’s out of reach, there are a few more fouls and that’s it.

In hockey?

Sudden effing death.

I had a co-worker tonight (whom I like and by any other standard is at least a casual sports fan, I believe) say she started watching the Detroit-Anaheim game in the second overtime and was bored. Seriously. “They just kept going back and forth, back and forth,” she said. “It was boring.”

How can it possibly be “boring” when any one of those backs or forths would end the game?

“Well, it’s just like soccer. People don’t like it,” was another excuse.

Listen up, people. Hockey is not hard to follow. Give it a little time, a little effort and you’ll find that out for yourself. If you still insist you can’t follow the puck, try. If it goes to fast and you lose track of it, stare at the goal for a little bit, or look to see if people celebrate. If they do, then a goal was scored. Seriously, try it. Pick a team (there are 8 left to choose from this year) and follow them.

I’m not asking for superfans here, just for some of you to knock off the ignorance and enjoy a great sport.

If you still can’t get your slow, NASCAR-loving brain wrapped around it, then go watch the Pacers.