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Rounding third…

Former Browns sideline reporter Casey Coleman died today. Sad news, discount though his battle with pancreatic cancer was long and more than valiant. I originally had him on my Dead Pool roster, but between not finding a birthdate and hating to put people I like on the roster (see: “Schembechler, Bo”), he stayed off.

The only question now is that with the timing of his death, can Charlie Frye be charged with murder?

Die already!

I’ve learned two things this week.

One, for next year’s Dead Pool, I’m picking people with interesting lives.

and Two, writing all these posts about these folks is making me remember the parts of college I hated.

Next quarter, I promise to write about them all sooner. Not only will it make my work better, but I won’t have to watch my posts fly off the bottom of the page within the hour, swept away in the flood of all the other late-typers.

Ohhhh f-f-f-fudge.

Darren McGavin, A Christmas Story father and DeadPool rosteree, died today.

72 points for my first pick of the new season, thanks to the solo-ness of his efforts. On a day where Don Knotts also kicked it, and Abe Vigoda didn’t, it’s good to get some points.

In fact, it feels like a major award!