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Just an update 2 1/2 days in the making, ed but I learned an interesting fact Monday night. A 21-point upset win by your favorite team on Monday Night Football is still not enough to make Stuart Scott tolerable.

Oh, and that the rest of the ESPN NFL crew can bite it, too. WOOF!

Cut. It. Out.

If this is true, I wish I’d have known about it 13 years ago, it would have made that song tons more tolerable.

Also, while I never thought I’d be one to sit and watch ONE gymnastics event, I’ve now watched three in as many days. And while the announcers were about as annoying as they come and gymnasts seem like the most arrogant people on Earth, but watching the US go 1-2 tonight was kinda awesome.

Listening to the Star Spangled Banner being played during the medal ceremony always reminds me of Mike Eruzione singing his heart out before piling his teammates onto the medal stand in 1980. Way cool.

That’s what the man said, he said that…

Previous comments notwithstanding, the folks at A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago unearthed highlights of the Rangers-Orioles game from Wednesday night:

(With accompanying analysis.)

Other news from ALOTT5MA includes a return of American Gladiators to NBC. Sounds like they’re going to stay somewhat true-to-form, I just hope they don’t turn it into “Fear Factor 2”. One bonus in the comments of the “Things” post is the casting application. I’ve had job interviews and midterms that didn’t ask this many questions. In fact, all of them. And for the record, if reading through it starts to get boring, just pretend you’re Michael Vick, it makes it soooo much better!

Finally, before I get back to joyous apartment packing and cleaning, congrats to all that have gotten new jobs in the past week or so, myself included!

It’s a beauty way to go

One of the many perks of visiting the folks is that they get CBC on their cable system. In the past, I’ve caught such treats as the un-cut “Blazing Saddles” or a Grey Cup marathon. But last night might have won. Around 11:30, I stumbled on the following gem of a clip, some contest for Yahoo! Canadian (pronounced “Yay-hoo”, and spelled “Canadien”, most likely). Fans of “The Office” and/or “Office Space” will benefit the most.