July 17, 2005

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June 25, 2005

...Found him.....

...All-Star Balloting

I just voted for my all-star team on-line, and I must say that it's not as much fun as the littel punch-cards that I remember. I haven't been to a Major League game during voting season for a few years now. Do they even still use those? Now that I live in Cincinnati, I could go down to a Reds game just to vote, but I'm not sure if that counts as a Major League game.

That said, I encourage everyone to vote the way I did. Honestly, fairly, and with regard to the best players, not just your favorites.
Oh yeah, and write in Steve Lombardozzi a couple of times.

June 24, 2005

...Just in case you didn't realize

The Boston Red Sox are in first place as of this post. I don't think any of the three people who read this blog can say that their team is anywhere within 5 games of first place in their division.

June 18, 2005

...Does anyone out there know...

who was the last majorleague player to bat wearing a helmet with NO earflaps?

June 7, 2005

...Do you have to dance around?

...enough said...

May 31, 2005


Relax fans, there has been a Mamadou "Big Mama" Diallo sighting. Last night I watched French Ligue 1 highlights on Fox Soccer Network. Big Mama single-handedly saved Nantes from relegation.

On a side note; is there anything more annoying than a commentator trying to give highlights with a thick, fake french accent?

May 4, 2005

...You'll never walk alone

Congratulations to the Mighty Reds of Liverpool FC for advancing to the European final. It's the first time in twenty years that the Reds will return to that game since the tragedy between their supporters and those of Juventus which resulted in all English clubs being banned from the competition. The irony is that it appears as if AC Milan (another Italian team) will be their competition.

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