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six of one…six the other direction

How many things can I bitch, whine, complain, be frustrated about and/or pound my head over about this Browns loss tonight? I set the over/under at 12.

1) I really can’t complain when the offense puts together TWO decent drives the whole game, and even those are aided by penalties and end in a field goal and interception in the end zone.

2) Aaron Shea really should have caught that pass. The TE’s were playing so well all game, blocking, hustling, catching, running, and for a pass to squirt off your hands in that situation, its just disturbing.

3) Even after he didn’t catch the pass, what part of the “we’re going to crack down on defenders holding receivers” speech in the preseason did this crew miss? Ray Lewis (see previous post about felony convictions and such) had a handful of jersey and an arm around the hip before Shea even came out of his cut.

4) They got away with it, but why does this team continue to insist on throwing 6 yard passes into traffic on third and 8 or 9? Antonio Bryant made a great move to get the first down out of it, but if he would have gone down… I don’t know what I would have done, let’s just be glad he got the first down.

5) So you just give up a 106-yard interception return for a touchdown to go down 14. Granted there’s only 26 seconds left, but you get the ball out near the 40 or so, and RUN the ball? Put it up! Heave it! Do something other than run out the clock. This is the team that has lived for 5 years pulling things out of their ass and either winning, or almost winning ball games. This is a team that gave up 14 points in less than a minute (I think) to the Bears a few years back and lost a game in overtime. It was a little different circumstance, but it happened! Maybe they’ll point to losing Kellen Winslow, Jr. on an onside kick as to why they didn’t want to try anything, but as a fan of this team, and wanting to see them win 4 games all year (six if Cincinnati’s fans are paying attention), this being one of them, do SOMETHING to show you have faith in pulling a miracle out. None of us expect it to happen, but none of us expected Quincy Morgan to come down with that ball (um, supposedly) against Jacksonville, none of us expected Dennis Northcutt to come up with that “backwards” onside kick against Tennessee… it happens. Bust your ass until the clock hits :00.

6) I think after Kelvin Garmon was injured, he false started on the trainer’s table. Three times.

7) You lose a game to one of your most hated rivals. Don’t stand at mid-field laughing and joking with the opponents. Shake hands, sure, but smiling minutes after a pissy performance against your rival? I hate that!

8) You have a change of possession timeout after a punt. If you want to review the punt, you have a 2 and a half minute commercial to look really hard at replay to see if you want to review it. When its obvious on the first look at replay that no one touched the ball while in the endzone, take your medicine and keep your timeout. Bootch went to the craps table one too many times with his semi-impeccable replay challenge record. It bit him in the ass when he should have seen it coming.

9) When you’ve just blown one timeout on a bad challenge, don’t take another 2 minutes later because you can’t figure out what defense to call on a two point conversion. (A 2-point conversion that was converted easier than…well it was pretty easy, lets say that.) Especially when said 2-point conversion only means that the opponent goes up 7. They had been getting 4 yards a pop on ya for most of the game anyway, what’s saying they couldn’t run Felon #2 up the middle and get it anyway. You’re still down 7 and you have another timeout left.

10) If the other team is going to have a band, complete with a guy in a drum major outfit with a whistle leaning against the front row railing, I expect at least one pass to be thrown with full intent of knocking him off the railing. If you don’t get the offense close enough to throw at him, do it in warmups, or simply find him after the game and kick his ass then.

I guess I couldn’t get to 12, I thought for sure there was alot more hatred in me than that.

On the bright side, Lee Suggs ran *fairly* well against such a solid defense, Richard Alston showed good promise as a KR even aside from the 93-yarder (which I finally got to see!), and Garcia made some plays happen with his feet, which is why we’re paying him. Now all they have to do is win. Hopefully next week, the Steelers’ fans have been getting way too cocky. (Including one I came across online who is a big fan of “Heinz” Ward. Apparently she meant “Hines” Ward, I guess. If you’re gonna get on the bandwagon, at least learn the names. Sheesh!)

Oh, and one more note from the Ravens game… Ed Reed will be the next one to share headline space with the words “warrant”, “felonious” or “indictment”. Of course, he’ll walk, but that’s really beside the point, right?

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!

Not me, personally, but I guess this guy weighed his options, and moving to Canada was too much of an effort.

Seriously, I know alot of people hold some serious beliefs about politics, and have views that conflict with other people’s views (52% of the countries views, to be statistical about it), but if this guy was hoping to make some sort of statement by killing himself at Ground Zero, about the only statement he made is that he’s a wack job.

The Browns are up 7-3 after a HUGE 93-yard return for a touchdown off the opening kickoff by Richard Alston. Of course, I missed it, and the offense has gained I think 4 yards since. Can I remind everyone of how much I hate the Ravens? Seriously, and with full effect.

Ray Lewis is good. I’ll admit that. Ray Lewis is also a double murderer, but he won’t admit that. Terrell Owens was right. He’s never been in trouble off the field, yet he’s a cancer. Ray Lewis is a good lawyer away from a long prison term, and he’s on the cover of video games. It just doesn’t make sense. And does he have to dance like an epileptic everytime he makes a tackle? Jeez, man, act like you’ve been there before.

10-3 Browns after Federal Felon #2 coughs up a handoff. C’mon Cleveland, kick these thugs in the balls and move on to Week 10.

the time was 6 o’clock on the Swatch watch

Okay, its actually about 20 after 12, but who am I to ignore the BelBivDevoe lyric that’s running through my head?

Let me just pass something along to those of you who don’t realize that Bowling Green’s football team is good…

Bowling Green’s football team is good.

Maybe its just the inferior competition the past month and a half, or maybe it’s the fan eager for another bowl trip in me, but they’re good. There has been alot of talk about Toledo being the best of the MAC, and BG will get a chance to prove that wrong in a couple weeks, even though I don’t see any comparison at all. People who write, talk, type and whatever about the MAC seem to have their hand in Toledo QB Bruce Gradkowski’s pockets, and they ain’t looking for change. They drool over his stats without looking 15 miles to the south and seeing first-year starter Omar Jacobs putting up comparable, if not better statistics than Gradkowski, with one catch…

Omar Jacobs has one leg. It happened when he was 15, he was working on an assembly line, making tractor parts, when an alligator grabbed a hold of his leg and ripped it off halfway. Hobbling on one foot, he took the alligator down and beat it within an inch of its life. Letting the 30 foot gator free to make his escape, young Omar hopped up onto a chair and, realizing the gator had eaten his right shoe, he dove across two tables, tackling the injured gator just as it tried to eat a family of small children, two puppies and a bunny rabbit named “Mr. Floppy”. Teaching the gator one final lesson, Omar ripped its head from its body with his bare hands, then proceeded to rip all the good meat from its body and grilled gator steaks for the children of the village that night. He had in the meantime reattached his leg and fashioned a splint out of the gator’s bones, and it healed perfectly, until he lost it in a card game with pirates two months later.

All right, so none of that’s true. But if you look at the numbers between Jacobs and Gradkowski, they’re very similar. However, and I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me, but Jacobs has played more than one series of the fourth quarter I believe twice this season. And in most of the past month and a half, he’s hardly made it out of the third. The kid was one of the big question marks coming into the season, and aside from a loss at Northern Illinois (where he still threw for 275 yards and ran for 2 TD’s), he has been outstanding.

As BelBivDevoe would say… “and now ya know.”

NFL Week 9…

I picked up a week and a game on Pete this week, but even though the tally sheet never leaves the left side of my computer desk, I can never find it Saturday night to know for sure. Heh.

Regardless, here are this week’s picks in rapid fire fashion, so I can get to bed:

NY Jets, Cincinnati, Detroit, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Carolina, San Diego (high scoring game of the week!), Seattle, NY Giants, New England, Denver, Baltimore (prove me wrong, Brownies!!!) and finally Indianapolis.

Thank you and good night.