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life of a jigsaw…

I think I finally found something a blog could be useful for…. tracking my progress on what proves to be a damn hard jigsaw puzzle… pictures to follow, once I have the time and effort to put them up, but this project was started today (8.18.03) around 12:15pm EDT, and who knows how long it will take to finish!

The link to the type of puzzle is here, but the version I have isn’t on the website. Could I possibly be the first ever to finish? Or definitely the first to have it chronicled in a blog? Hell if I know, but it will give me something to do that doesn’t involve unpacking boxes and finding places to put all the junk I’ve accumulated. (By the way, the new apartment is great, just going to take some finishing touches and a little getting used to.)

Right now, I’ve got the bottom edge completely finished, and I *think* I have all the edge pieces sorted out. Only time will tell (and my pictures, but its bedtime now.)

moving sucks

once again, it sucks. not so much the idea of getting a new place, because that fresh start is kinda cool. but the cleaning, packing, carrying, rearranging, disassembling, reassembling, cancelling utilities, ordering utilities, waiting for utilities to be installed business is just a plain pain in the ass. i’ll be glad when its done.

on the other hand, its given me a chance to stay inside on a perfectly beautiful saturday and learn how texas hold ’em works and is played by foreigners with bad jewelry and even worse sunglasses, thanks to ESPN’s constant re-airing of the World Series of Poker, and also how bass fishing tournaments work, also thanks to ESPN. fascinating stuff. at least the Rangers have bent the Indians over the dresser the past two nights. goin’ for the sweep tomorrow!

so i’m in Kroger today, and on the “for sale” board by the door, someone was selling a “bedside commode”. AND IT WAS ONLY 35 BUCKS!!! $35 for instant access to the crapper! what a deal! by the time I realized what an awesome find that was, I was in my car and leaving. damn. I can only imagine a bedside commode at that price is going to be gone in a flash. maybe I’ll get lucky next time.

checking up

ah, the expected-yet-unintentional neglect of the blog. at least its better than the year and a half or whatever that I left it alone before this most recent “effort”.

any-hoo, signing a lease on a new apartment tomorrow, should be cool. i’ll actually have a porch. well, its a 3×3 space on a step, but its a porch to me.

MTV2 shows Yo! MTV Raps (old school) in the afternoon? Cool. That kicks almost as much ass as TBS running Family Guy in syndication afternoons at 2:30. Now if they could just find a way to run nothing but Family Guy and Simpsons… I wouldn’t have to leave the house. Except to use my porch.

There’s alot more I’ve thought about for this space, but it takes alot more thought and creativity than I can give it right now, so here’s the bullet points:

-Maurice Clarett is an idiot. As much as I hate Ohio State, this guy is really an idiot. Maybe individually any of his crap wouldn’t be worth yanking him from the team, but collectively, I don’t see how anyone can feel sorry for the idiot. Damn kids.

-San Diego State football staff members got busted with open container in their offices and Polaroids from Columbus Gold (the strip club NOT featured on Comedy Central’s Insomniac last week. I’ve been there. Never took pictures. REALLY never left those pictures around for the boss to see. Though if the little brunette that did that thing with the thing and the thing at my brother’s bachelor party last summer happens to stop by this site, you know where to find me. For real. Okay, maybe not “for real”, my stack of ones would run out eventually, and that would suck.

-Kicking someone’s ass in softball is fun. Even though its “just softball”, its fun. And I’m about to go out and (hopefully) do it again.