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Living right?

I’m not a huge believer in karma, I don’t think, and it’s probably a good thing. I mean, my sense of humor comes in a million shades of blue, and my wit usually runs at about an 85 on the inappropriate scale. Just tonight, I had a producer at work suggest that I stick around for the morning show to serve as “commentator” to the news. I don’t think the bosses would like that for long.

But anyway, even as a non-believer of karma, I must have done something right.

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The sound of silence…or not

Random discovery of the day… as annoying as people thumping stereos as they drive by may be, a neighbor blaring talk radio on their patio is equally annoying.

I couldn’t even hear what the conversation was/is about, but it sounded like someone was chatting away under my window. So much for trying to bring the nice day inside for a change.

Well, that blows

The subject isn’t necessarily directed at the play of my favorite football teams this weekend, but it isn’t necessarily NOT directed at them, either.

I’m talkin’ about the wind. I forget the exact time frame, but I spent about five hours watching the wind whip around the neighborhood, rattling our privacy fence, trying to walk the fine line between not letting the dogs see me when they went outside (and thus, wanting back inside without taking care of business) and making sure they didn’t fly four doors down while trying to take care of said business. But by the time I left for work, everything was intact, except for a part of a tree across the street.

Fast forward MAYBE two hours when my wife comes home, calling to tell me about all the storm damage.

“Oh, the people selling their house who had the branch ripped off?” I ask.

Instead, she goes on to tell stories of trees missing, trees into gutters and roofs, our grill being knocked over and other general weather-related mayhem.

Coming home from work when everything was quiet and dark some time later, I had to swerve to miss a trash can in the street and, sure enough, four full-sized trees were laying out by the curb in front of three of the five houses that immediately surround ours on our street. While I’m sure there was some repair work done, it looked like all of them snapped right at the base. Meanwhile, our trees lost a few leaves, but are pretty much okay.

Thankfully, a very bizarre situation.

Unfortunately, it looks like tomorrow is going to be grill repair day, as some of the hardware on our grill got knocked silly (this is the second time it’s taken a tumble in the wind) and there are wires and such hanging free and debris around the patio. Nothing like playing with gas to start a week off right.