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The ball keeps bouncing…

According to Maureen Fulton at The Blade, Dan Dakich has decided not to discuss an extension to his contract as men’s basketball coach at BGSU. Seeing someone that’s coached for a decade go (and especially like this) is a sad time, but the excitement of a new coach and the prospects he may bring to the upcoming season is a pretty good thing. Not that my thoughts mean anything, but I wish Coach Dakich the best in whatever comes up next.

UPDATE: Maureen has posted the text of Dakich’s resignation letter to the Athletic Director. Even considering how carefully worded such efforts normally are, I think it still says a lot about Dakich and how he really could have been a long-term coach in a “stepping stone league” had he just rediscovered the whole winning thing. Few people realize or remember until it’s mentioned that his father, Tom, played at BG under legendary coach Harold Anderson. He has ties, he had success, but just couldn’t sustain it.

An interesting semi-related basketball note, the BG Alumni Association in Indy is planning a night out with the Pacers. This is from the e-mail memo they’ve been sending out:

As Bowling Green State University alumni; you, along with your family and friends are invited to join us for an evening of basketball and Falcon FUN! First, join us for a Meet & Greet Reception with BGSU’s own Keith McLeod followed by an intense battle between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat.

“An intense battle”? Has anyone been watching the Pacers play for the last three weeks? As excited as I am for Keith McLeod to get a shot in the NBA and especially in Indy, I don’t think I need to drop $45 to shake his hand and watch bad basketball from the rafters.

Though the stretch run could be key for him. He’s listed as the 3rd PG behind Darrell Armstrong and Jamaal Tinsley. Armstrong will turn 180 this year, and Tinsley is not exactly behaving himself. Good luck to Keith as the season winds down!

Bill Russell didn’t take no junk…

This post originally had a distinct purpose. It still will in a moment, but for now, it’s just basketball in general.

I was checking some site statistics earlier, and was surprised (though in hindsight, not surprised at all) to see an article that included an excerpt from Basketball Warfare by Kevin McNamara about last year’s Big East hoops season. Not that it reflects on my work at all, but there are a couple links to the book’s website,, which I designed, and that makes me feel damn cool. It’s a simple design, really, but it served a pretty simple purpose, which is now linked on one of the most-read websites out there.

Also, as tournament time heats up, I’ll put up a reminder about the other hoops website I’m behind, Ray Mernagh’s HoopWise. Considering Ray is the guy that introduced me to Kevin, he should use some of that ESPN pull to get some love for the MAC on the big stage. Regardless, his is more of a blog setup, so it should be a daily read for any MAC fan, most mid-major fans (especially in the Midwest) and many college hoop fans.

While I should embarrasingly admit that I have both books, but have yet to crack into them. (My reading time has been ridiculously limited for some reason, and I’m still trudging through a good book about the Browns that I got for Christmas.) From what I’ve skimmed and learned from working with these guys and their sites, it’s good basketball reading. Both books can be ordered from their respective websites.
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Thanks Coach!

I realize this is a little late, in part because of a lackadaisical Saturday, in another part because of work, but in most part because, well, I wanted the BG hockey story to stick around up top a little longer.

doyt perry

Saturday marked the 15th anniversary of the death of arguably (though not very well) the greatest Falcon that ever lived, Doyt Perry. I’ve done a bunch of research on Bowling Green’s football team over the past couple years for my pet project at, and every time I uncover something else about Doyt L. Perry, he amazes me even more.

Doyt was born in 1910, the same year that Bowling Green was created by the State of Ohio. He attended college at BG, receiving a degree in Secondary Education in 1933. He earned nine varsity letters in football, basketball and track, and at one point quarterbacked Falcon football to an 18-game unbeaten streak. Almost immediately after graduation, he took a teaching position at Lorain Clearview HS in northeast Ohio, a school without a football team. Having been denied a teaching/coaching job at another school due to a lack of football coaching experience, Doyt took matters into his own hands and created a football team at Clearview. They won the conference title in their first year.

Doyt served in the US Navy for three years, one year after taking a coaching job at Upper Arlington HS in suburban Columbus, Ohio. When he returned from his tour of duty in World War II, he had the Bears back winning titles. Eventually, he took a job with Ohio State, coaching the offensive backfield. At the end of the 1954 season, Ohio State was national champions, thanks in no small part to Perry’s coaching, but his alma mater had an opening coming around. A chance to be in charge of football for his alma mater was bigger to Doyt than continuing at Ohio State, even as a top assistant at a big school powerhouse.

Doyt’s loyalties to BG would be tested two years after his return to Northwest Ohio. After leading BG to its first MAC Championship in 1956, Missouri offered him their head coaching job. A chance to run a major program is one that most coaches would jump on, Perry stayed loyal to his alma mater, and coached 8 more seasons before becoming Athletic Director for the school. In 1959, he led the Falcons to the College Division National Championship, and upon retiring from coaching, was one of the winningest coaches in college football history.

His players respected him, his fellow coaches admired him, and Falcons everywhere can be proud to call Doyt one of ours.

He passed away eight months before I enrolled at Bowling Green, and when I got to campus, he was just an old coach who’s name was on the football field. I only wish I knew then what I know about Doyt L. Perry.

Thanks coach.

doyt perry's tombstone

BlogPoll and little more

I’ve got plenty to write about, but kind of a blank head to do it with. BG loses two rivalry games in a week, one in a quagmire (giggity!) the other in less than exciting fashion (Corey Partridge aside). Michigan loses Bo, then honors his affinity for linebackers by lining them up in semi-man coverage with OSU’s receivers… all words I’ve considered since my last post, and all words that still won’t be written with this one. (Well, those words will be written, more words…not quite yet.) But believe me, I have my thoughts, and quite a few about Bo Schembechler to throw out, so I’ll be around.

In fact, the only reason I’m here bumping the “Safety Dance” video from the top of the page is to turn in a less-than-enthusiastic BlogPoll entry. I do still believe Michigan is actually a “2a” to USC, but realistically, if any other school lost that game in the same way, I’d drop them much further. I’m impressed, but not excited about Arkansas, and Florida is kind of along for the ride. The SEC Championship will help free that up, I’d imagine. (Read: Arkansas will likely win by one or two points, and not much at all will be answered.)

I actually just flipped Wisconsin and ND, then flipped them back. Both have rosters marred only by a loss to Michigan. Actually, make that a severe beating at the hands of the Wolverines (in consecutive weeks). While Wisconsin’s 14 point deficit is partially cosmetic, they were on the road. Notre Dame got defiled at home to the exact same team (see consecutive weeks reference). In fact, ND helped. So they get the nod there. But again, probably an “a” and “b” scenario. (But congrats to the Irish on another Commander In Chief trophy!)

So yeah, here’s the ballot:
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