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The man’s a menace!

This Browns game has been a pain in the ass to listen to. First and goal at the nine? Field goal. Then a field goal, a field goal, a field goal and another field goal. They had done a decent job of shutting the Chargers offense down since the first drive (where they got abused for 80 or so yards then held SD to a field goal), but you knew it wasn’t going to last, and it didn’t. Right now, they’re down 9 with 8 minutes left, but it feels like 29. Of course, they’ll go down and get a score here, and somehow go back the other way, look hopeless, then have a shot at the endzone to win it…and not win it.

Anyway, the best part of the game has been the Browns radio broadcast. I think Doug Dieken is drinking heavier than usual in the booth. What started as a few casual jabs at Marty Schottenheimer has gotten hilarious. On 2nd and 10, the Browns complete a four yard pass near the sideline. Schottenheimer challenged the call, which Jim Donovan (Browns play by play guy) questioned, since the result was 3rd and 6, and Bernie Kosar had yet to step in at QB.

Donovan: “You have to question that challenge.”
Dieken: “Well, we question a lot of decisions Marty has made in his life.”

And now we have the riot police on the sidelines. And it’s not even a home game.

This helps a little…

While researching my late entries for The Dead Pool, I found quite possibly the greatest thing the Internets have spawned since OMG BANANA!.

Art Modell Death Watch

For future reference, until His Royal Assness kicks the bucket, you can find out if he’s alive or dead by checking the button in the lower left. It looks like this, but smaller:

And for those that never understood the thoughts of Browns fans over the whole mess, I think this about sums it up…hilariously!

Modell screws the pooch

(Courtesy Deadspin, while I was vacationing in Cleveland a few weeks back.)

Football all wrapped up

Still not ready to talk about Bowling Green.

Not sure I’m all that ready to talk about the Browns today. I’m a little more open to the idea of throwing for the win when a field goal would have forced a touchdown to beat you, but not all that much. Not the way that game had been going. Edwards and Winslow looked (sounded) like the studs they’re promised to be in the future, and Frye had an impressive day when he wasn’t face down in the turf. Defense sounded tough, though I could picture the hell of a prevent defense as I listened to a couple late drives.

To follow up on what Tom said last night, Michigan State deserves to have its charter revoked. And how that game can be slotted for a dozen appearances on ESPN Classic this week is beyond me. Last time something sucked that bad, I got my $20 back.

There’s no pitching in baseball!!!

In a move straight out of 1999, the Rangers today, while watching their bullpen blow up like an ’83 Chevette in the streets of Beirut, went out and got more offense. While the thought of never having to watch Francisco Cordero come out and pitch nothing like he has the last four years is a relief, I just don’t understand how shipping a clutch hitter like Mench and another decent ballplayer like Laynce Nix (maybe the spelling of his name just pissed them off for the last time) for a stud hitter that has already shown a penchant for turning down ridiculous sums of money is going to help things when your bullpen seems to enjoy destroying any lead you may throw their way.

In other news, as a Browns fan, I wonder how long it’s going to be before I suffer a season ending knee injury myself. Sheesh! Can someone please make it stop!?!?

…a Rutigliano Super Bowl team

Now that the Browns fan who ran onto the field during the last Browns-Steelers game has been sentenced to jail during the Super Bowl and ordered to stay away from all Browns games for five years, and since the NFL is apparently all about conspiracy theories, I hereby petition the NFL to make sure the Browns are in the Super Bowl each of the next five years. You know, so this guy gets punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Oh, and none of that Buffalo Bills shit, either.


While I’m not big on politics, and thought at first glance that it was a spam comment, it looks like appears to be a pretty solid piece of work.

You know, if you read around the political stuff.