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ACC-ya later tater!

Once again, the “pick the teams you hate” theory works in the NCAA tournament. I just lost one of my finalists when Duke went down (like the prom queen JJ Redick is), but I’m cool with it. I’d guess that 85-plus percent of people in the office pool (which I lead coming into the night) had Duke in the finals. Fortunately, my winner is still alive in Villanova. On the not-so-fortunate side, UCLA has yet to wake up against Gonzaga, which would result in not only my third final four team going down, but a trendy pick to the office numbskulls in the Zags moving on.

(If you’re reading this, MJD, I know how you feel about discussing brackets, but consider this my response to the chick dunk post. *grin* )

My diagnosis? Bad babysitting!

College affiliations aside, how can you not root for a team led by a guy named Hibbert? If there’s one thing this year’s tournament will be remembered for other than some surprises in the Sweet 16 (and Billy Packer, in turn, getting the Shocker), it has to be some of the great names in the tournament. The aforementioned Hibbert, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Squeaky Johnson… Hell, Pitt put Aaron Gray on the court today! (Unfortunately it wasn’t thisErin Gray“, of “Silver Spoons” fame.)

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If you thought yesterday’s liveblogging was bad. Wait ’till you see what I have in store today! (Damn leprechauns are promising to shut this one down around the dinner hour, if not before.) As was the case yesterday, a much better effort at Deadspin:

I haven’t checked the third bracket (ESPN) yet, but with 13-3 on the work bracket and 15-1 (I was Grizzled!) in the Yahoo! bracket through yesterday, I’d say I’m pretty happy. Focusing on the work bracket, Ohio State and Arizona (with significant help from Wisconsin) have wins for me today, I’m really hoping Bucknell holds on, but not as much as Iowa needs to spend the last 14 seconds not f’ing around and winning this game.

2:37pm – Dear Iowa… Kiss my ass.

Could Northwestern (State) possibly have run that last possession any more perfectly wrong? A two ties it for ya, and they throw up a very closely guarded three, save a long rebound by their fingernails and nail the winner on a shot that makes the Tennessee winner look like a lay-up. One loss on the day, and it’s an Elite Eight team for me. Blech.

-Bucknell is trying their best to do an Iowa impersonation on me. MAKE YOUR DAMN FREE THROWS!

Ah, chaos ensues and Bucknell can put it away at the line.

1:48am – Yeah, the leprechauns got me, little bastards. Some exciting games, though! Kansas pisses away another Elite Eight team for me, but 26-6 for the first round and all Final Four teams left, I’m doin’ all right. And really, really need to find my pillow.

It’s maddening!

So I’m a little late on this, but I really would feel bad if I spent the whole day at home, watching basketball, and not sharing the thoughts that passed through my slightly-aching head.

(For a much more better effort, not to mention the one where I’m stealing alot of material from, swing by Deadspin.)

-This Papa John’s “We Got the Meat” commercial disturbs me. It will also be the title of my autobiography.

-I hope it’s just the commentator at the BC-Pacific game, because if calling the basket/rim “the tin” is this year’s hot tourney catchphrase, I might have to shoot someone. Billy Packer has dibbs on firstsies.

-With each bomb threat-related minute that passes in San Diego, the chances of Utah State-Washington pre-empting CBS’ Early Show go up exponentially. Also, the Today Show won’t be able to show highlights.

Best bomb threat-related comment so far? Courtesy

Hot dog stand + Dog. Stupid handler. The dog was obviously just hungry.”

-This Dudley kid is one ugly sumbitch. Was it totally unexpected to see Pacific curl up and die coming out in the second OT? Ballgame BC, in what might be my first win on this year’s bracket.

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I’ve got your slipper right here!

It’s Tourney Time again! Bracket(s) have been filled out, and aside from a few team names changing, I find that I feel exactly the same as I did last year about it.

More on the actual picks tomorrow. Or never. Or sometime. Haven’t quite made up my mind about that one yet.

The Browns made a pretty big signing today, grabbing Willie McGinest. Not quite the player he was a few years ago, but he’s still a damn fine linebacker, and should be key in bringing along young talent, as opposed to the “tossed into the fire” method that has tried and failed the last three years.