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So much to do…

…such an inviting couch to keep me from doing it.

-finish with the 3 or 4 or 5 boxes that still sit full, mocking me into unpacking them, but looking so comfortable where they are, I think I’ll leave it be. besides, I’ve only lived here 23 days, I think I’m still in my window of unpackingness, right? of course, about another week, and I’m going to have to make room in one of the closets.

-update this page, add information, work with the look, just funk it up in general. I mean, if I’m going to be this damn funny, I should probably have a site that shares that idea, right? unfortunately, it looks like my remedial web design skills are going to keep this one pretty simple. I think I should be able to get it good enough to be satisfied for awhile though, which is nice. at some point, i’m looking at utilizing a little Blogrolling, but for now I’m just gonna point out this chick’s site. the look rocks (especially her Homer skin), she seems funny as hell (witness #92 on her list of 100, the velveeta thing), and, well, the pics speak for themselves. I think I’ve found my first blog idol.

-my recommendation for today is the Google toolbar. the pop-up blocker alone rocks. no need to install any other shady software. and if I can trust Google to come up with a headshot of Billy Dee Williams, I can certainly trust it to kill pop-ups. And of course, “it works every time”.

-I need to give the obligatory props to the BGSU football team, beating Purdue 27-26 this weekend. How huge is that? I’ll tell ya how huge. Not nearly as huge as if/when the Falcons do the same thing in Columbus in 11 1/2 days.

(INTERMISSION…snacks in the lobby)