What in the wide, wide world of sports…?

Sure, I could mention a football game that got over an hour or so ago, but I’m still busy choking on a Rose Bowl sandwich.

I will say this, however… celebrate now, Gator fans. But if anything along the lines of “I love it here, we’ve got a great thing going” comes from Urban Meyer’s mouth, get the hiring committee on the phone. He coached UF up so well tonight, Shelley might even let him be the man for an evening.

Off to other sports news, from which I have slacked….

-Final BlogPoll comes tomorrow. A close Florida win might have caused me to go all silly and vote Boise State #1, but I think they erased all doubt tonight.

-For possibly the first time in five years, BG men’s hoops are atop the MAC standings. If a tight, back-and-forth game is called a “see saw game”, their game with Buffalo Sunday was a “sea sick game”. BG went up by 14 or so in the first half, but UB cut it to 1 by the break. The Bulls went up 11 with three to go, and Bowling Green came back and won it on a Martin Samarco trey with 2.8 seconds left. Some pretty good write-ups from both sides, Falcon Blog has BG covered, while Tim at Hoops Junkie covers the UB angle, and also laments the fact that a game like this in a major conference would get major slobber attention from ESPN.

-On the women’s side, BG has turned in a couple 30-ish point wins to open the MAC, and have now won 27 straight MAC games, tying a school and league record. They also set a league record by moving to 18th in the AP poll this week, a mark sure to be broken Tuesday when the coaches’ poll is released. The Falcons are 19th in that poll as the votes are counted up for this week’s edition.

-The Hurricanes traded Kevyn Adams to Phoenix today. There were some issues from both sides about a lack of playing time, so this one should help both sides out, but the loss of a player with Kevyn’s intensity is tough. I tried to not like him, considering he went to Miami(OH) about the same time I was at BG, but watching him play, that was hard. Even watching him play for the Blue Jackets years earlier, in meaningless mid-season games, he was always moving, like a waterbug, and zipping around the ice. That intensity doubled when the playoffs rolled around.

I finally gave in during Game 7 of the Cup Final last year, Adams blocked a shot, breaking his wrist, but stayed in and played a key role in the Hurricanes lifting the Cup. Good Luck, Kevyn!

-In another hockey move, former Falcon Jonathan Sigalet was called up to Boston, and is expected to make his NHL debut Tuesday night against Ottawa. His older brother Jordan got the call last season, and saw 42 seconds of action in goal. I’m guessing Jonathan will top that before the first period is up against the Sens. Of course, it also means it’s time to update the Falcons in the NHL list.

-Finally, I bought “Beer League” the other day, and while it’s certainly not winning any acting awards, and some of the crude humor was incredibly forced, it wasn’t too bad. Had some memorable-ish lines/scenes in it, and was a pretty good “guy flick”. (That is, a good movie for a bunch of guys to get drunk to and giggle uncontrollably at.)

4 thoughts on “What in the wide, wide world of sports…?”

  1. Wow… I was 100% sure you were talking about BeerFest at the end. Everything you said applied and yet… no dice.

    Response to the national championship game at my place.

  2. Okay, since it won’t post at my place for some reason, here’s the response to the national championship game.

    So… about that 37-20 prediction…

    I’m really trying to get myself all worked up about this and I just can’t. The Bucks got out-coached and out-played. Period. End of story. This wasn’t some two-OT classic or a team that hadn’t won a title since my grandfather was in diapers. This was a team I never completely believed in trying for its second national title in five seasons. I just can’t get that worked up over it.

    5-1 vs. Michigan, 4-2 in bowl games. I’m sorry, but that isn’t reason for tears.

    My business is absolutlely soaring– believe me, I’ll tell you how great things are as soon as I can, but they’re much better than I had any reason to think they would be at this point.

    I spent this fall watching my beloved alma mater finish a perfect regular season in football including its fifth win in six tries over its most bitter rival. I spent the fall covering some incredible collegiate sporting events in person (Navy-Army, Army-Air Force, the Dartmouth-Holy Cross brawl, the Heisman ceremony, etc), watching others in person (42-39, bitches!), checking out bands who will be blowing up like Vesuvius in six months (Ingrid Michaelson is gonna be huuuuuuge and I got to interview her and see her perform in a tiny Greenwich Village club) and my personal online endeavor is about 250% beyond where I had any reasonable expectation of it being at this point. I was in the tunnel with my brother’s alma mater (Navy) as they got ready to run out on the field against Army (tell me how badass that is!).

    I refuse to feel bad right now. The better team won. Congrats, Gators. We’ll see you in Atlanta on the hardwood.

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